Prathap’s Blog is written by Prathap Rathod, an Internet entrepreneur, and domain name investor. Prathap has in-depth knowledge of domain names, Sales, and Marketing, Techniques and brings products to the market having launched and operated various websites since 2015.

Prathap has 20+ Websites and Domains and managed and delivered many domains and web designs. Recently few projects completed over the last two years.

Prathap Currently doing BE in his native place. Well, now he is working on a few of my own blogs he is busy with his blogs so he is stopped writing articles here. 

Now again he started interested in his own blog. I am trying to help you guys with my knowledge and share my skills people who wants to learn about technology and ideas so here to help you guys. 

This my blog and here you can ask me anything sure i will help you with Providing resources.

If you want to contact me Let me Talk with You.